Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first blog! - Snow Days at the LA Zoo

I have been visiting the Los Angeles Zoo since late 2004 every weekend of every month of every year. For the past 5 years, I've seen the zoo grow. When I first visited the zoo, it did not have the new Campo Gorilla Reserve open, so i was kind of sad because they are one of my favorite animals. The zoo did not even have it's current entrance open and most of the zoo was a construction mess. Now the LA zoo is better than ever, and with the upcoming new elephant enclosure it will become even a better zoo. I will be blogging on every visit I make to the zoo, which is sometimes every Saturday.

Well, this first blog will be from this past Saturday March 14, 2009. The LA zoo celebrated "Snow Days" where the zoo would provide snow for four animals, which included the Sumatran Tigers, Snow Leopards, American Black Bears, and the Sichuan Takins. I only saw the bears, tigers and takins enjoying the snow. The day was very crowded, but that is good money for the zoo so that they can keep building new exhibits.

I was kind of surprised that the leopards were not as active as I thought they were going to be. One of the leopards was walking around the snow and the other one was sleeping. If the zoo had cubs again it would have been better.

Snow Leopard at the Los Angeles Zoo

There was only of two bears playing with the snow, as the other one was on the top of the mountain sleeping. The one that was awake, which I think was Ranger, was rubbing his stomach on the snow and rolling all over it too. The zoo brought snow for the bears two years ago and they enjoyed it so much that the zoo brought it again this year.

American Black Bear at the Los Angeles Zoo

American Black Bear at the Los Angeles Zoo

The takins were also very active compared to the snow leopards. The two female takins were more active than the male takin, who spent his time at the back of the exhibit eating hay. These animals came from the San Diego Zoo, so I'm sure they never got to see snow which might explain why they weren't that active. Sichuan Takins come from the mountains of China, so snow is a great part of their life in the wild.

Sichuan Takins at the Los Angeles Zoo

Only two of the four tigers (an adult female and her three big cubs) were active, but after a long time of playing in the snow, they went to the back of the exhibit and took their nap, which a lot of people did not like.

Sumatran Tiger exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo

Well, hopefully you guys enjoy my first blog and the many more that will come in the future.

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